As you can probably guess, an engineering company that was in existence for over 150 years manufactured a wonderful and diverse array of products.  Napiers products were supplied to and used in a wide range of applications.  The earliest Napier products were printing presses which gained the Company its reputation for quality and precision.  Products diversified into other applications such as bullet presses, coin weighing machines, the first reliable stamp perforating machine through to a ship’s registering compass.  With Montague Napier at the helm the company manufactured Ritter roller skates and motor vehicles.  After the First World War Napier’s started producing engines for the newly evolving aero industry.  Without doubt he Napier Lion was installed in a greater range of different aircraft application than any other Napier product possibly with the exception of Napier turbochargers.  During the Second World War the Napier Lion was also installed in smaller and fast motor torpedo and air-sea rescue boat which led to the development of the famous Deltic engine.  After the War the Company’s aero engine designs moved with the times into gas turbines.

The applications in which the Napier Company’s products were used are so great and diverse that it is too hard to list everything on separate web pages.  Instead we have decided to write about the more interesting applications in our Blog.  The intention is that the Blog posts will link to the respective Napier product pages and vice-versa to (hopefully) give you, the reader, an interesting and informative experience on our website.

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