In 1952 Napiers needed to “expand manufacturing facilities for the development of new types of aero and marine engines”.  As well as developing the Napier Nomad and Deltic engines the Company had a contract to build Rolls Royce Avon engines.

With this in mind they successfully negotiated with and purchased the premises of British Salmson Aero Engines Ltd in 1947 who in pre-war days produced the French Salmson radial engines under licence.  The factory was located on Bushey Road, Raynes Park adjacent to the Kingston ByPass.

The Raynes Park Works specialised in engine Control Box and Fuel Metering system manufacture along with small components of a high precision nature.  They were used mainly for Napier Nomad, Eland and Gazelle aero engines.  This equipment was supplied in black anodised cases, “tested and sealed” at Raynes Park.

The main machine shop at Raynes Park was equiped with “lighter capacity” machine tools than the main Acton Works.  A competent Jig and Tool Design Office was across the front of the building facing Raynes Park Station.

With the closure of Napier Aero Engines Limited in 1963 the premises was sold off and taken over by part of the Lucas Group.  The locally listed Art Deco office building was last occupied by Thales Avionics Ltd.

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