As with any business the employees of D. Napier & Son Ltd were its lifeblood.  In 2010 the Trust started a project to collect the names of known Napier employees lead by two of our hardest working members Roy Gasson and John Street.  Thanks to their dedication we now have a comprehensive list of over 3000 people who worked for the Company, their role and when.  Mixed in with the senior staff our list includes everyone we know of right down to the lowly apprentice.  Many thousands of people worked for D. Napier & Son Ltd so this list is far from complete.

Napierian Roll of Honour

If you worked for Napiers or know someone who used to work for the Company then please Contact Us and we would be very pleased to include this in our Roll of Honour.  If you are trying to trace a Napierian then please see the section about Genealogy Research and we will do what we can.

The Trust is interested in knowing about all ex-employees and will endeavour to assist people trying to find out more about their relatives.  Similarly we would welcome any records, photographs, reminiscences you may have.

If you have any questions or have an item of interest please do Contact Us.

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