Napier Rocket Products – Introduction

D Napier & Son were involved in the production and testing of a variety of Rocket Motor and Ramjet technologies. This work was undertaken at the Napier Flight Development Establishment in Luton.

A 100 lb thrust mono-propellant rocket was fired in June 1949 numbered NRE 1. The following year Napier won a contract with the National Gas Turbine Establishment (N.G.T.E.) of the Ministry of Supply and developed 20 different designs of rocket engine reaching a maximum 10,000 lb thrust.

Napiers most famous rocket product was probably the Napier Scorpion rocket engine which was originally proposed as a booster unit for the English Electric P1B Lightning aircraft. It was successfully fitted in the EE Canbera WK163 which subsequently broke the World Altitude record for an aircraft in 1957.

As well as rockets Napier Luton also became involved with the production of a series of experimental Ramjets.

The links below describe the various rocket products manufactured by the Company.

Test Firing Rocket motor at Luton FDE 1952. Luton image 5891
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