Genealogy Research

If you are trying to trace information about a former Napierian, please feel free to Contact Us with your and we will do what we can to help.  However we regret to say that, as far as we are aware, no Napier Company employee records survive.

We do have over 3,000 employees recorded on our Napierian Roll of Honour – details here.  Information recorded here has been gleaned from Company, apprentice, promotional material and newspaper records.  Of course whenever people Contact Us discussing about their relative who worked for the Company we are always pleased to add them to this growing tribute.

Quite often Census records describe the person’s occupation and we can often provide clearer information about what your relative did and what their workplace looked like.  This often makes interesting reading in your family tree.

Help Us

The Trust is interested in knowing about all ex-employees and will endeavour to assist people trying to find out more about their relatives.  Similarly we would welcome any records, photographs, reminiscences that you may have.  This information is priceless and goes a long way to help us to learn what it was like working for D. Napier & Son Ltd.

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