The following links can help people find out more about D Napier & Son Ltd and its products.
This list is by no means complete and we always welcome information about anything we’ve missed!

Archive Information Sources

There are also several locations where Archive Sources and Information relating to D Napier & Son Ltd are located.
If you have any archival information that you think would interest the Trust please do Contact Us.

Further Reading

There are several well researched Books, publications and further reading relating to the Company and its products

Where to See Napier Products

There are many surviving products manufactured by D. Napier & Son Ltd and they are mostly listed at the bottom of each product page.
We also have created a page simply listing Napier Products / Applications we know are on display.
If you know of the existence of any other Napier products not listed or location corrections please do let us know.

Genealogy Research

We receive regular requests from people telling us about or trying to find out more about a relative who has worked for the Company.

Click on the link above to see what we can do to help you.