There are many surviving products manufactured by D. Napier & Son Ltd.

The list below indicates the majority of locations where they may be easily viewed.

If you know of any additions or corrections please let us know:

Anson Engine Museum, Poynton
Sectioned Deltic 18-25B (on loan from National Railway Museum)
2 x Deltic D18-7A engines Ex- HMS Kellington

Arromanches D-day Museum, Normandy, France
Sabre engine on display

Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum, Bedford, Canada
Eland Type 504A

Bank of England Museum, London
Bullion Balance ‘Lord High Chancellor’

Barrow Hill Roundhouse, Chesterfield.

Baby Deltic Project –
B.R. Type II Class 23 locomotive recreation with the last surviving T9-29 Deltic engine.

Deltic Preservation Society.  –
Three B.R. Type V Class 55 Production Deltic locomotives
Deltic 18-7A,  18-25B,  T18-37K

Brenzett Aero Museum
Sabre Mk IIa from a crash site

Beaulieu Motor Museum
Napier ‘Gordon Bennett’ 1903 racing car
J.S.Irving’s Golden Arrow with Napier Lion
Brooklands Museum, Surrey
Lion Mk XIA Special incomplete
Railton Napier with Napier Lion.

Caen Memorial Museum Caen, Normandy, France
Full scale reproduction Typhoon

Canadian Museum of FLight, Langley, Canada
Eland Type 504A

Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum
Gazelle Mk 100 engine

Fleet Air Arm Museum
Gazelle Mk 601

Gosport Aviation Society

Halifax Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh
Coin Weighing Machine

Imperial War Museum, Duxford
Lion Mk 1B
Sabre Mk VII
Gazelle Mk 16101

Internal Fire Museum of Power, Tan-y-groes, Wales
Deltic CT18-42K mock-up (on loan from NPHT)

International Helicopter Museum, Weston-Super-Mare
Eland 504  (Rotodyne)
Gazelle Mk 100  (Belvedere)
4 Gazelle Mk 16101’s

Irish Aviation Museum
Dagger Mk III

Loughborough University of Technology
Gazelle ECU 16001

Madrid Mint Museum, Spain
Napier Beam Engine
Also plans of Minting Machines

Midland Air Museum, Coventry
Eland unknown Mark

Millennium Point Birmingham
Railton-Napier Special with 2 xLion Mk VIID

Museo Nacional De Aeronautica de Argentina
Napier Sabre Mk IIA    No. S6073

Museum of Flight, USA
Sea Lion
Nomad Mk I (E125)
Gazelle Mk 161

National Maritime Muesum, Greenwich
Racing Lion Mk VIID supercharged (Miss Great Britain III)

National Museum of Flight, East Fortune, Scotland
Nomad I
Sea Lion

NMSI, National Rail Museum, York
Class 55 Deltic 55002 with 2 x Deltic 18-25 engines installed

NMSI, National Rail Museum Annexe, Shildon
Prototype Deltic Locomotive DP1 containing Deltic 18-12A

NMSI, Science Museum, London
Lion Mk VIIA fitted in Miss Great Britain
Lion Mk V
Rapier Mk IV
Dagger Mk VIII (1000 bhp)
Sabre Mk IIa
Sabre Mk IIb sectioned
Two Naiad Mk unknown 1947
Eland No EL10 plus mock up
Experimental Turboprop from 1953
Gazelle ECU 16001
Oryx unknown Mk Gas generator for Helicopter rotor tip-drive
Double Scorpion
1912 Napier Light Truck Chassis

NMSI Annexe, Wroughton, Swindon
Nomad II (1953)
2 Eland 141’s
3 Eland E151’s ex-Rotodyne
Limousine (from Napier Acton2)

Newark Air Museum
Gazelle Mk 503

Noyer Bocage, Normandy
Memorial to the pilots of Typhoons in Normandy.

Perth Fremantle Museum, Western Australia
Replica of the Racing car L48 first 6 cylinder 1904 (Sampson)

Polish Aviation Museum, Krakow
RAF 3A engine constructed by Napier

RAF Cosford

RAF Hendon Museum, London
Lion Mk V
Lion Mk VIII
Sea Lion
Dagger Mk VIII
Sabre Mk IIA
Sabre MkIII
Sabre MkVII two engines
Gazelle Mk 100 ex Belvedere Helicopter
Gazelle Mk 10101
Double Scorpion NScD1-1

Rolls Royce Heritage Trust, Bristol
Lion Mk II or V

Rolls Royce Heritage Trust, Derby
Sabre IIa – Currently with Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group
Eland Type 141
Double Scorpion NScD1-1
Triple Scorpion mock-up
Gazelle Mk 101 Sectioned

Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden
Lion Mk VA
Rapier Mk VI

Solent Sky Museum, Southampton
Racing Lion MkVIIB (on loan from NPHT)
Sabre Mk VII
“Red Shoes” Rocket Motor (on Loan from NPHT)
Double Scorpion (on loan from NPHT)

The World of Wearable Art & Classic Car Museum, Nelson, New Zealand
Sabre MkVII sectioned

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