The employees of D. Napier & Son Ltd were its lifeblood and we know them all as NAPIERANS.
From humble beginnings the Napier workforce peaked at over 150,000 employees during the Second World War.
This section of the website is dedicated to everyone employed by the Company.

Take a look at the Napierian Roll of Honour below to see our growing list of Napier employees.

The story of David Napier, his Scottish family heritage, and how he built up his precision engineering business from very humble beginnings makes interesting reading!  His son James Murdoch joined the family firm and also later ran the company.  Following his death his youngest son Montague brought the company into the 20th Century and built it into a world-class business.  Their story is told in the Key Napierians section (link below) along with a further section about other key members of the Napier staff.

Key Napierians

The Napier company has a long record of employing apprentices.  Those lucky enough to have this opportunity came away with first class training which set them up for life.   A Napier apprenticeship also opened the door to new employment opportunities as it was seen as being second to none.


The D Napier & Son Ltd Roll of Honour is our tribute to every employee who worked for the Company.  If you worked for the Company or know of anyone who did please do CONTACT US and add a name to our list currently totalling over 2,500 people.

Roll of Honour

It was not all work at Napiers and we also have a section dealing with ‘workers playtime’!

Like every large organisation there was plenty of social activity within the Company.  This section covers all the sporting activities, works trips and other social activities present within the company.

Workers Playtime