Napier Motor Company of America

As well as manufacturing cars at Acton, in 1904 an assembly shop was set up in the USA.  The Napier Motor Company of America opened their factory in 1904 in the town of Jamaica Plain close to Boston in Massachusetts.  The factory was in part of the old B.F. Sturtevant blower plant opposite the railway station between Green and Williams Streets.  All the components for the vehicles were manufactured in Acton and exported to Jamica Plain for assembly.

Named the Napier Motor Company of America the business had a chequered history with union and financial problems.  In 1907 production was halted until a new company took over the business in March 1909.  A medium priced roadster and a light delivery wagon were planned.  Additionally the Company underwent negotiations with a taxi service for several hundred taxicabs to be built.  The company also established a repair department at the same address.

This continued until 1911 when Napier Motor Company took it over before closing the venture the following year.

The cost of importing and assembly  must have added to the price of these vehicles but when one compares the $8000 price tag for the vehicle in the advertisement the 2013 price for this is in the region of $200,000!

The Shadow Factory in Liverpool

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