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In parallel with the Shadow Factory scheme during World War II, the London Aircraft Production Group (LAPG) was formed in 1940 by combining management of factories and workshops of a series of companies.  The LAPG  was led by London Transport from their works at Chiswick, Aldenham Works  which, as well as building Handley Page Halifax aircraft, accommodated an open air ‘propeller stand’ which was used for Napier Sabre engine testing.

Earls Court

With World War II looming the Air Ministry needed to expand aircraft engine production.  A shadow factory was built in Liverpool however test and repair facilities were required nearer to home.

Just down the A4 towards London was a large structure that had lost its purpose in wartime.  Opened in 1937 the Earls Court exhibition centre was a modern new open building which Napiers took over in 1939.  The arena was converted into a wartime engine overhaul and engine rebuild centre for the Sabre engine.

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